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Free Face Masks!

Over the recent months, many governing bodies have placed greater emphasis on the use of PPE. One item that has become particularly necessary, both for the public and within a medical environment, is the face mask. In the UK, people are now required to wear a face mask in many places, but it is sometimes difficult to acquire these masks due to their limited supply. Let us, therefore, briefly explore what authorities are doing to make face masks more accessible.


According to recent news, the Middlesbrough council has decided to provide residents with free face masks. Data suggests that the area has now become an area of concern, so the council has taken these measures to ensure that its people are safer. To avoid the situation worsening, the council has decided to take action now, which seems to be a sensible step.


Universities have also been seen taking steps to ensure the safety of their students. Durham University, for example, has communicated that it is going to supply students with reusable face masks, in order to ensure that students can learn safely. This seems to be a positive step from the university, which one would hope will allow students to learn in the best environment possible.


At Buy PPE Equipment Ltd, we are committed to supplying the people with affordable and high-quality PPE. We work with the best manufacturers around the globe, which means that we are able to tackle the high demands. As always, we are committed to doing our best to ensure that everyone is protected.


BUY PPE Equipment Ltd are in an exclusive partnership with “The TUSK” a brand new fully transparent respirator N99 Mask.

I am very proud to share the launch of the world’s first fully transparent respirator designed and produced by our colleagues son Faheem Saeed. Faheem, a 4th year Mechanical Engineering student with specialization in Biomedical Engineering at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver, conceived the idea to design a transparent mask (TUSK) when it became apparent that Covid19 is here to stay and wearing masks will be the new normal.

After 6 months of working on designing, prototyping and testing the transparent mask, Faheem has formed his own start-up business, AYTS Technologies Inc. (www.ayts.ca)

to manufacture and market his invention. Recently Faheem launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo  https://www.indiegogo.com/project/preview/94796b24 to promote TUSK.



The salient features of TUSK are:

  • Sleekly designed, fully transparent and sealed full respirator allowing protection from aerosol transmission of viruses in the air (biggest reason for spread of Covid), without having to hide the face.
  • It is reusable (sterilizable, washable and autoclavable) thus minimizing cost of replacing masks daily whilst reducing the impact on the environment by reducing the waste from disposable masks.
  • Use of N99+ filters particles bigger than 0.03 microns with 99.97% efficiency.
  • Most suitable for air travel, public transport, hospitals, airports and other crowded places, where social distancing is difficult.
  • Easy to pass security without having to expose oneself to aerosol particles circulating in the air.
  • Easy to operate devices requiring facial recognition.
  • TUSK is made of optical grade polycarbonate and is coated with UV resistant and anti fog chemicals to give highest visibility and protection.

You can see TUSK video here https://youtu.be/1FEULePqRUk

For pricing/quantity order information please email info@buyppeequipment.com

PPE Innovation!

In order to improve the world, we must innovate. We must find new ways to solve problems, prevent global challenges from occurring and prepare for the future. In other words, innovation is the key to the long-term success of the human race.

Given the current state of the world, and the issues that COVID-19 has presented, innovation is necessary within the personal protective equipment industry. Many manufacturers and governments are beginning to innovate, in order to save live, but not enough is being done. Nonetheless, let us briefly explore how people are innovating when it comes to PPE.

One way in which people are innovating with regards to PPE is through an emphasis on sustainability. More and more brands are producing renewable PPE, which means that it has less of an impact on the environment. In fact, the UK government has recently been working with Syrian refugees to produce renewable PPE, which is certainly a step in the right direction. If more governments were to focus on renewable PPE, we might be able to tackle two issues with a single movement.


At Buy PPE Equipment Ltd, we continue to work with innovative PPE manufacturers. We aim to provide PPE for those who need it most, and are motivated by a single motto – we believe everyone should be protected. It is our aim to sustainably produce PPE for the world, so that we can improve the safety of the people whilst thinking of the future!



Top 5 Nitrile Glove Brands

As a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, the world has seen a serious surge in demand for personal protective equipment (PPE). In particular, there has been a rise in demand for masks and gloves in hospitals and care homes, for example. There are many different types of gloves, but one of the best is nitrile gloves. These gloves are made of a disposable synthetic rubber, which means that they’re robust and there is no risk of latex allergies. There are many brands offering nitrile glove, so we would like to highlight five of the top nitrile glove brands (NOTE: these brands are not in a specific order).

  1. Top Glove: This brand is well-known for providing custom designed gloves, which are capable of providing extra comfort and a better fit. Another benefit of this brand is that they offer textured gloves so that the user has an excellent grip, regardless of whether the glove is wet or dry.
  2. Superior Glove: This brand is known for producing thicker gloves which are very puncture-resistant. On top of this, Superior Glove ensure that their products are powder free and unlikely to cause allergic reactions.
  3. Sri Trang: This brand is excellent at catering for a wide variety of applications, including medical, food handling and manufacturing practices. Moreover, this brand provides extra protection against harmful chemicals.
  4. Adenna: This brand is successful because its gloves are very comfortable. They are slightly thicker than ordinary gloves which makes them super strong. They also provide good grip.
  5. SAS Safety Corp: This brand produces gloves with a beaded cuff, which means they’re super easy to put on and take off. Again, they’re also really comfortable, strong, and generally reliable.

We hope this list will help you when buying your PPE!

How to Avoid Dodgy PPE

As a result of COVID-19, we have seen more and more news about PPE. The need for PPE has increased; however, many authorities, companies, and individuals have worried about the quality of the PPE they may receive. Of course, this is an important worry because good quality PPE can impact the health of the people around us. Similarly, bad PPE can have negative effects on the population’s health. For this reason, let us briefly consider a few ways to avoid dodgy, and potentially harmful, personal protective equipment.

The best way to avoid dodgy PPE is by doing your research. You should check out what health authorities are advising and then work according to their advice. This is really important because it will allow you to know the safety standards for PPE, according to which you should measure the quality of your PPE. When purchasing PPE, you should consider the materials from which it is made, its level of durability, and whether or not it will be comfortable to wear. These are all important factors, which could help to save lives.

At Buyppeequipment, we only work with fully regulated CE – FDA approved factories. This means that our products are the best of the best, and are capable of keeping people safe. This applies to our masks, gloves, and other sanitizing products. We highly recommend checking out the brands that we use, because these are the best in the business. We have done the hard work for you, so be sure to check out the products that we provide, and the brands that we recommend.

The Lack of PPE

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a severe impact on the world. Most tragically, it has caused many people to lose their lives. The pandemic has also caused many businesses to struggle, which has led to many job losses and an overall decline in the standard of living (for many people). The world has seen that, as a result of COVID-19, there has been a shortage in personal protective equipment. Many governments have been criticised for this shortage and their inability to provide the necessary PPE for health workers. Let us, therefore, briefly explore why there has been a shortage of PPE.

The world has seen a shortage in PPE because manufacturers and distributors have been unable to respond to the sudden surge in demand for PPE. On top of this, there has been much panic buying of personal protective equipment, which has meant that authorities have been unable to provide PPE to the people who need it most. Panic buying and hoarding has posed a serious issue during these unprecedented times, so it is something that we must all avoid.

As a result of the global lack of PPE, it is now down to companies like us to source the best PPE for the world. We are working with amazing manufacturers from all around the world. Our factories are located in places such as China, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Columbia, and Turkey. We will continue to work hard throughout the pandemic, and once the pandemic is done, to ensure that the level of PPE remains strong. We will do our part.

3-Ply Masks

Many governments and organisations are suggesting that the public ought to wear face coverings during these unprecedented times. Though there has been some resistance to the movement towards the widespread use of face coverings, many people are beginning to comply with the rules. This can be seen in shops, where people in the UK are now having to wear face coverings.
There are many different types of face coverings. One of the types is 3-ply masks. These masks are great in professional settings, and in general, so let us briefly explore the benefits of using 3-ply masks.

One of the benefits of using 3-ply masks is that they protect your airways. This means that you are less prone to coming into contact with harmful particles, so the chances of you contracting an illness such as COVID-19 are reduced. Also, you reduce the chance of other people coming into contact with your bacteria by wearing a 3-ply mask. In essence, you increase the chances of good health within the community by using a 3-ply mask.

Moreover, 3-ply masks are really comfortable, as they sit easily on your face. They are also easily disposable. We believe that 3-ply masks are excellent; however, we do not recommend such things as panic buying and hoarding. Be sure to purchase masks responsibly, so that they remain available for those people who need them the most! We must all do our part to ensure that we beat COVID-19. By avoiding the misuse of 3-ply masks, we can do just that. Together, we will get through these difficult times.