Over the recent months, many governing bodies have placed greater emphasis on the use of PPE. One item that has become particularly necessary, both for the public and within a medical environment, is the face mask. In the UK, people are now required to wear a face mask in many places, but it is sometimes difficult to acquire these masks due to their limited supply. Let us, therefore, briefly explore what authorities are doing to make face masks more accessible.


According to recent news, the Middlesbrough council has decided to provide residents with free face masks. Data suggests that the area has now become an area of concern, so the council has taken these measures to ensure that its people are safer. To avoid the situation worsening, the council has decided to take action now, which seems to be a sensible step.


Universities have also been seen taking steps to ensure the safety of their students. Durham University, for example, has communicated that it is going to supply students with reusable face masks, in order to ensure that students can learn safely. This seems to be a positive step from the university, which one would hope will allow students to learn in the best environment possible.


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