As a result of COVID-19, we have seen more and more news about PPE. The need for PPE has increased; however, many authorities, companies, and individuals have worried about the quality of the PPE they may receive. Of course, this is an important worry because good quality PPE can impact the health of the people around us. Similarly, bad PPE can have negative effects on the population’s health. For this reason, let us briefly consider a few ways to avoid dodgy, and potentially harmful, personal protective equipment.

The best way to avoid dodgy PPE is by doing your research. You should check out what health authorities are advising and then work according to their advice. This is really important because it will allow you to know the safety standards for PPE, according to which you should measure the quality of your PPE. When purchasing PPE, you should consider the materials from which it is made, its level of durability, and whether or not it will be comfortable to wear. These are all important factors, which could help to save lives.

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