The Coronavirus pandemic has had a severe impact on the world. Most tragically, it has caused many people to lose their lives. The pandemic has also caused many businesses to struggle, which has led to many job losses and an overall decline in the standard of living (for many people). The world has seen that, as a result of COVID-19, there has been a shortage in personal protective equipment. Many governments have been criticised for this shortage and their inability to provide the necessary PPE for health workers. Let us, therefore, briefly explore why there has been a shortage of PPE.

The world has seen a shortage in PPE because manufacturers and distributors have been unable to respond to the sudden surge in demand for PPE. On top of this, there has been much panic buying of personal protective equipment, which has meant that authorities have been unable to provide PPE to the people who need it most. Panic buying and hoarding has posed a serious issue during these unprecedented times, so it is something that we must all avoid.

As a result of the global lack of PPE, it is now down to companies like us to source the best PPE for the world. We are working with amazing manufacturers from all around the world. Our factories are located in places such as China, Malaysia, Vietnam, India, Columbia, and Turkey. We will continue to work hard throughout the pandemic, and once the pandemic is done, to ensure that the level of PPE remains strong. We will do our part.